push - Cloud Foundry CLI Reference Guide


push - Push a new app or sync changes to an existing app


cf push APP_NAME [-b BUILDPACK_NAME] [-c COMMAND] [-f MANIFEST_PATH | --no-manifest] [--no-start] [-i NUM_INSTANCES] [-k DISK] [-m MEMORY] [-p PATH] [-s STACK] [-t HEALTH_TIMEOUT] [-u (process | port | http)] [--no-route | --random-route | --hostname HOST | --no-hostname] [-d DOMAIN] [--route-path ROUTE_PATH] [--var KEY=VALUE]... [--vars-file VARS_FILE_PATH]... cf push APP_NAME --docker-image [REGISTRY_HOST:PORT/]IMAGE[:TAG] [--docker-username USERNAME] [-c COMMAND] [-f MANIFEST_PATH | --no-manifest] [--no-start] [-i NUM_INSTANCES] [-k DISK] [-m MEMORY] [-t HEALTH_TIMEOUT] [-u (process | port | http)] [--no-route | --random-route | --hostname HOST | --no-hostname] [-d DOMAIN] [--route-path ROUTE_PATH] [--var KEY=VALUE]... [--vars-file VARS_FILE_PATH]... cf push APP_NAME --droplet DROPLET_PATH [-c COMMAND] [-f MANIFEST_PATH | --no-manifest] [--no-start] [-i NUM_INSTANCES] [-k DISK] [-m MEMORY] [-t HEALTH_TIMEOUT] [-u (process | port | http)] [--no-route | --random-route | --hostname HOST | --no-hostname] [-d DOMAIN] [--route-path ROUTE_PATH] [--var KEY=VALUE]... [--vars-file VARS_FILE_PATH]... cf push -f MANIFEST_WITH_MULTIPLE_APPS_PATH [APP_NAME] [--no-start]





Custom buildpack by name (e.g. my-buildpack) or Git URL (e.g. https://github.com/cloudfoundry/java-buildpack.git) or Git URL with a branch or tag (e.g. https://github.com/cloudfoundry/java-buildpack.git#v3.3.0 for v3.3.0 tag). To use built-in buildpacks only, specify default or null


Startup command, set to null to reset to default start command


Specify a custom domain (e.g. private-domain.example.com, apps.internal.com) to use instead of the default domain

--docker-image, -o

Docker-image to be used (e.g. user/docker-image-name)


Repository username; used with password from environment variable CF_DOCKER_PASSWORD


Path to a tgz file with a pre-staged app


Path to manifest

--health-check-type, -u

Application health check type (Default: port, none accepted for process, http implies endpoint /)

--hostname, -n

Hostname (e.g. my-subdomain)


Number of instances


Disk limit (e.g. 256M, 1024M, 1G)


Memory limit (e.g. 256M, 1024M, 1G)


Map the root domain to this app


Ignore manifest file


Do not map a route to this app and remove routes from previous pushes of this app


Do not start an app after pushing


Path to app directory or to a zip file of the contents of the app directory


Create a random route for this app


Path for the route


Stack to use (a stack is a pre-built file system, including an operating system, that can run apps)


Path to a variable substitution file for manifest; can specify multiple times


Variable key value pair for variable substitution, (e.g., name=app1); can specify multiple times


Time (in seconds) allowed to elapse between starting up an app and the first healthy response from the app


CF_STAGING_TIMEOUT=15 Max wait time for buildpack staging, in minutes
CF_STARTUP_TIMEOUT=5 Max wait time for app instance startup, in minutes
CF_DOCKER_PASSWORD= Password used for private docker repository


apps, create-app-manifest, logs, ssh, start