purge-service-offering - Cloud Foundry CLI Reference Guide


purge-service-offering - Entfernen Sie einen Service und untergeordnete Objekte rekursiv aus der Cloud Foundry-Datenbank, ohne Anforderungen an den Service-Broker zu stellen


cf purge-service-offering SERVICE [-b BROKER] [-p PROVIDER] [-f] WARNING: This operation assumes that the service broker responsible for this service offering is no longer available, and all service instances have been deleted, leaving orphan records in Cloud Foundry's database. All knowledge of the service will be removed from Cloud Foundry, including service instances and service bindings. No attempt will be made to contact the service broker; running this command without destroying the service broker will cause orphan service instances. After running this command you may want to run either delete-service-auth-token or delete-service-broker to complete the cleanup.



Purge a service from a particular service broker. Required when service name is ambiguous


Löschen ohne Bestätigung erzwingen




marketplace, purge-service-instance, service-brokers