update-buildpack - Cloud Foundry CLI Reference Guide


update-buildpack - Update a buildpack


cf update-buildpack BUILDPACK [-p PATH | -s STACK | --assign-stack NEW_STACK] [-i POSITION] [--rename NEW_NAME] [--enable|--disable] [--lock|--unlock]


Path should be a zip file, a url to a zip file, or a local directory. Position is a positive integer, sets priority, and is sorted from lowest to highest. Use --assign-stack with caution. Associating a buildpack with a stack that it does not support may result in undefined behavior. Additionally, changing this association once made may require a local copy of the buildpack.



Assign a stack to a buildpack that does not have a stack association


Disable the buildpack from being used for staging


Enable the buildpack to be used for staging


Lock the buildpack to prevent updates

--path, -p

Path to directory or zip file

--position, -i

The order in which the buildpacks are checked during buildpack auto-detection


Rename an existing buildpack

--stack, -s

Specify stack to disambiguate buildpacks with the same name


Unlock the buildpack to enable updates


buildpacks, create-buildpack, delete-buildpack