create-space-quota - Cloud Foundry CLI Reference Guide


create-space-quota - Define a new quota for a space


cf create-space-quota QUOTA [-m TOTAL_MEMORY] [-i INSTANCE_MEMORY] [-r ROUTES] [-s SERVICE_INSTANCES] [-a APP_INSTANCES] [--allow-paid-service-plans] [--reserved-route-ports RESERVED_ROUTE_PORTS]



Total number of application instances. (Default: unlimited).


Allow provisioning instances of paid service plans. (Default: disallowed).


Maximum amount of memory a process can have (e.g. 1024M, 1G, 10G). (Default: unlimited).


Total amount of memory all processes can have (e.g. 1024M, 1G, 10G). -1 represents an unlimited amount. (Default: 0).


Total number of routes. -1 represents an unlimited amount. (Default: 0).


Maximum number of routes that may be created with ports. -1 represents an unlimited amount. (Default: 0).


Total number of service instances. -1 represents an unlimited amount. (Default: 0).


create-space, set-space-quota, space-quotas